The easiest way to describe transfer and vinyl printing is to ask you to think about the name and number on the back of a football player’s shirt. The player’s name and number is cut from vinyl material and applied by a heat press. Transfer printing is similar in that the design is printed onto a transfer sheet and then applied using a heat press. Both these processes are suitable for small quantities of a design with many colours or individual monogramming (name and numbering). Heat pressing garments requires us to select the best combination of time, pressure and heat to ensure the design is permanently applied onto the garment and is durable. There are no ‘set-up’ charges and once we receive your approval (or if it is a repeat order), production will start and your garments will usually be Despatched  within 14 days.

How do you decide on a logo?

We will talk through your requirements and will give advice based on our expertise and experience to provide you with the best solution. Is printing cheaper than embroidery? Not always. We can embroider a basic left breast logo at the same price as a left breast print

Heat seal

Heat seal is the process of using a heat press to apply durable vinyl, cut into the shape of the design, onto garments. (You need to send us your artwork for this if you have any, or contact us if you need to have some created)
The shape of the design is cut by a plotter/cutter machine and is ideally suited to large A4 sized designs consisting of just lettering or simple shapes
-complex detail cannot be reproduced effectively. The excess vinyl is removed by hand, then each garment is then placed on the heat press, the design is also positioned by hand in the required position and pressed individually. This is a time consuming process, but because we also do this in house, a left breast heat seal, or a back shoulders heat seal is included in the price of the garment, which can save you a lot of money in set-up charges compared to our competitors. Heat-seal is thicker than screen print, and very durable, but should only be ironed on the reverse of the fabric to prolong the life of the logo.

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