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Get The Lasting Logos Printed!
When it comes to the logo printing there are two processes which you can get your garments treated with, one is vinyl printing and the other one is transfer printing.
The major difference between the two techniques is not much. When it comes to vinyl printing a design or number is being cut from the material which is itself a vinyl and then the number is being pressed with the help of heat press on the garments which you desire. In the same way when it comes to the transfer printing all we do is get the desired logo or monogram printed on a transfer sheet, and that designed transfer sheet is being pressed on the garment with the help of heat press.
The major similarity between the two processes is the heat press which helps the monogram to be made long lasting one. The above suggested procedures are being used for the printing of the logos on the shirts of the different football players for their matches.
We can provide you with these logo pressed garments within two weeks from the day your order is placed with us. The logos being printed by us are lasting ones and do not get wiped up after a few washes.
The logo design can be of your choice, of our choice or a combination of your desires and our experience the way you like it.
You can also go for the heat seal or if you wish embroidery. Both the things are sometimes of the same cost or may differ in cost at times depending upon the design and your requirement.
Heat seal is a more reliable choice as compared to any other process. When it comes to heat seal we apply the design on the garments with the help of the heat press and the garment could be either of your choice or our choice. If you need a back print, left pressed or shoulder print of heat seal you can save much of your money as we usually provide these logos on most of our T-shirts.
Taking precautions while ironing these heat seal pressed garments is a must or you will end up spoiling the print. Make sure you turn the printed side of your T-shirt on the opposite side so that you can have a safe ironing of your T-shirt, protecting your favorite logo.

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