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Embroidered clothing has always looked special because they are unique. Each of the embroidery is unique for its design and color, thread used and the method of embroidery applied to create it. These special cloths create an aura of newness and attract people to look at them. Another aspect for this phenomenon is that they also differ from the conventional cloth designs. Here we discuss some of the uniqueness they present compared to other clothing and methods.

Embroidery is not screen printing

Many people still donít find the difference between embroidery and screen printing and end up thinking that they are the same. But it is not so and both apply different techniques to create their versions and also use different raw material to do that. A screen printing process involves ink and it is applied to substrates like T-shirts, sports uniforms, mugs, pens, yard signs and tote bags which are common and there are hundreds of other items that can be screen printed with various designs. The name is screen printing is derived from the mesh screens with a stencil that manufacturers use to inject different ink colors to finish a design on a T-shirt. Detailed designs and logos can be easily integrated with the use of screen printing and the method is suitable for producing items in bulk. This way one can also reduce the expense and come up with high end designs at lower cost. Screen printing is also versatile in reproducing distressed effects which are a craze among youngsters.

On the other hand embroidery uses thread to recreate designs and messages on custom products. Most popular items that bear embroidery include jackets, golf shirts, corporate wear and hats. For a more professional look and craft you shall opt for embroidery because they also last longer than screen printing and sport a unique look. However intricate and minute details cannot be recreated with embroidery so the design shall have to be altered a little to facilitate the process for example features such as shades cannot be recreated with threads. The manual process of embroidery is tedious and consumes more time resulting in little output. But the new inventions have produced embroidery machines with multiple heads that can produce up to 10 pieces at a time. This allows the manufacturers to produce more and save time and money.

The computer advantage
Embroidery machines are now linked to computers in executing tasks and this has made the process easy and quick. Now you can effortlessly reproduce logs, letters, messages on various clothing in embroidery because they are computer manipulated. Designs or concepts can be fed into the computer that has specially designed software installed for the purpose and designs can be obtained in real quick time. Computers will get these designs reproduced by embroidery machines through special interfaces. Introduction of computer has made embroidery more versatile and now you see the more dazzling variety of embroidered clothing on the street. The items that use embroidery include T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, work-wears and hats and the use embroidery in the corporate world is comprehensive.

Advantages of embroidery in clothing
Embroidered clothing imparts a uniqueness not found usually and its impact on creating identities is unmatched. An intricately woven colorfully reproduced logo would stand out in the crowd of competition and ask to be counted. This is the reason most corporate houses and sports teams go for embroidery prints on their house uniform than other methods. Embroidery look highly authentic and original whereas others look artificial.
Another factor that favors embroidery is its durability. Professionally embroidered designs lasts longer and do not fade with time. Embroidery can be woven with gold and silver threads and several other materials to make it look special and highly visible. Professional sports persons wear embroidered outfits embellished with team logos, while representing their clubs and teams. These uniforms look attractive replica panthere de cartier watches extremely good on televisions and you can also get your teams or event logo and slogans fabricated with embroidery to sport a similar look. Manufacturing embroidery clothing has been made easy with the advancement of science and you can now get the bulk of uniforms printed anywhere near 2 to 3 weeks time. Getting orders executed in bulk would also reduce the cost of embroidery.

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